Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's time for my yearly post :)

It's that time again, when I randomly decide to update my blog. It's summer time now woo hoo! And it's hot as ever... Dance team is starting up once again, and now all that I have to do is sped every minute possible at the beach :) Life's great. Here's some pictures to sum up the past few months :)
This is me with my dance team sophomores/best friends before we left for elite camp at Cal Lutheran.... last summer.Me, Paige, and Brenna carved pumpkins... we were'nt very good.

Brenna and I spend some time Wednesdays after school helping an elementary school after school dance program that lets kids who want to dance but sometimes can't afford it learn how. It's amazing and the kids are inspirational. We love them!

At our Christmas dance show, Hart of the Holidays, we do a coed dance. This is Brenna and I with our partners, Caleb and Adam.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

more :)

Here's some pictures from our utah trip :)
krista and chelsea :) look familiar? i met them at efy last year, we stayed in touch, and met up again in utah! it was so fun to see them againfun 4th of july with the stolworthys :)

got to see the forbes in utah and bridget's blessing!
we hiked the Y!
my counselor and group of girls at efy :) such cute girls
this is dans group of boys at efy :) they were so fun haha

the past year :)

basicallly i haven't updated my blog in almost a year! so much has been going on and ive just forgotten about this little blog of mine :) but anyway ive been loving high school, dance team, and summer! heres some little pieces of the past year....
christmas in florida with stephanie, whitney, me, and lindsay!

fast forward three months and now the Hart Dance Team is off to Nationals! We took a hummer limo (awesome!)to Anaheim and spent the weekend competing against other teams from all over. One of our dances made it to the Arena and we got second.. which is pretty good actually :)
were a very spirited team... haha

braces off! 5 years and now theyre finally gone :D
heres two of my best friends, brenna and gaylen :)
me and brenna at our dance teams end of the year show. it was circus themed and of the opening number we were 'siamese twins.' haha. our moms made this crazy costume out of fat people clothes from the goodwill with three legs that velcroed apart and together. it was hilarious :)
me with my two "sisters" on dance team carly and lindsey
brenna me and gaylen at the beach :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

EFY pics

Chelsea, me, Krista, and our other aussie friend shaarn
sunglasses! were cool...
pizza night!
stupid aussie chelsea made all us americans try veggie mite- some amazing spread that you put on toast to make it taste good or something.... we ate it and it was the most disgusting thing ive ever had! dont eat it! haha but it made a funny video...
Chelli and me
playing around at free time
aw cute! find the three amigos...
Me and Krista- sorry i dont know how to flip it

Chelsea, Krista, and me
Our girls!
Chelsea, Me, and Krista w/ ties on our heads =]
Me, Krista, and Chelsea


Last week I went to efy... the best experience ive ever had!! i have a million pictures but ill show you the best! i met some awesome kids and had a main gruop- me, Krista from highland, UT, Chelsea from Perth, Australia (wow!), and Blake & Josh from Mesa, Arizona. I love them so much and miss them so much! We had so much fun together.... love you guys!
My amazing company!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Play Dough Art

My mom got play dough for her lesson at church so you know what that means...

Abby and me's ducks
Abby being Abby
my snowman

Friday, June 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance...
On Thursday I went with Dance Team to see So You Think You Can Dance. We were in the very front and we were on TV like A MILLION times. Courtney touched us... AHHH! We were there all day standing up... our feet killed!! we went shopping and saw Jordin Sparks- it was awesome! It was funny... during commercial breaks we would talk to the dancers and this guy named Cory who really didn't matter but entertained us anyway. If you recorded it look for me!!